Kia unveils ‘tigerBlinken to discuss Russia, Middle East, N. Korea during visit to Seoul: State DepartmentIsraeli military jets strike Gaza, says Hamas commander killedKITA chief touts Ireland’s businessS. Korean military detects signs of NK supplying ballistic missiles to RussiaIndonesia’s upcycling startup wins KoreaSeoul shares open higher on Fed's rate freezePPP decides to lift membership suspensions of exSupreme Court acquits exSeoul shares shoot up nearly 2% on Fed's back [Today’s K '이상민 탈당' 때린 민주 의원들 "국회의장 하려 동지 팔아" Bomb scare hits Hongdae station, police search turns up empty Province office raided in probe into wife of opposition leader Yoon replaces 6 ministers ahead of his 3rd year, general election Itzy to drop new album, go on second world tour Inaugural Korea Picture Book Award honors Kim Jung Yoon’s chief economist tapped as finance minister Ocean specialist tapped as maritime affairs minister National Theater of Korea's 50th year to close with 'Song of King Sejong' Rural development expert nominated as agriculture minister 폰에 '파이팅' 문자 있는 여성 끌려갔다…北, 청년에 이런 단속 Can 'Singles Inferno' boost basketball's popularity? Court upholds police officer's suspension for 'barmaid' comment 이재명 "여·야·정 정책협의체 제안…간병비 급여화 서둘러야" North Korea threatens consequences after South Korea launches 1st spy satellite [Korea Beyond Korea] Korean Studies gaining traction at Complutense University of Madrid US deploys fighter jets in S. Korea for air exercise in Singapore Day laborers, low Hanwha inks $2.6b deal to ship more K9 howitzers to Poland