Kumho Petrochemical comits to net zero by 2050Yoon's approval rating falls for first time in 3 weeks to 34.7%야당, 노란봉투·방송3법 강행…여당, 필리버스터 예고송영길 "어린 건방진 놈" 한동훈 "운동권 했다고 우월한 척"윤 대통령, 오스틴 美국방과 만찬 “北, 하마스식 도발땐 단호히 응징”Top chefs gather to create innovative dishes with Korean ingredientsYoon's approval rating falls for first time in 3 weeks to 34.7%Kumho Petrochemical comits to net zero by 2050Stalking crimes could lead to up to 5 years in prison custodyAI in your pocket: Samsung Galaxy S to feature real Biden says Hamas must be eliminated, US officials warn war could escalate 윤 대통령 “국민소통·현장소통·당정소통 강화하라” Foreign workers' deaths get weak sanctions 163 S. Koreans arrive home from Israel on military aircraft Number of deaths in cycling accidents soars [Contribution] Why hope matters in climate crisis Supporters of Israel hold rally in Seoul, urge Hamas to stop atrocities Seoul subway on verge of strike Yoon lauds rapid growth of Korean defense industry Hamas weapons, tactics resemble those of NK: JCS Import prices up for 3rd month in September on higher oil prices Seoul subway workers vote for strike plan USS Carl Vinson deploys for Indo 'Apgujeong Box Girl' sparks online debate Ruling party chief clings on after election loss 오세훈, ‘TBS 폐지’ 묻자 “그런 일 생겨서는 안 돼” [Today’s K [view] 민심 더 싸늘해지는데…감동 없는 김기현 2기 Reeling from election loss, ruling party picks new leader posts Enjoying Halloween in Itaewon sparks debate online